Craft Beer and Barbecue Pairings

Beer and barbecue – it’s a beautiful combination. There is no doubt that art and skill go into producing beer and cooking barbecue. Although we don’t want to overshadow one over the other, we know a thing or two about barbecue. Nothing is better than biting into a delicious pulled pork sandwich and having a beer to sip on, but which beer? Which beer would pair best with a pulled pork sandwich? What about a burger? Well, we have the ultimate guide to craft beer and barbecue pairing to help you through it.

Craft Beer and Barbeque Pairings - Allagash White

Allagash White is ideal for pairing for heavier BBQ meals. Try something from up North that will bring out the taste of our Full Rack of Ribs.

Allagash White – Witbier

If you’re looking for a lighter beer without a lot of hop taste, Allagash White is the way to go. This is a spicier, more lemony Belgian-style wheat ale from Portland, Maine. It has a kick of both flavor and taste ringing in at ABV: 5%. Allagash White is ideal for pairing for heavier BBQ meals like our full rack of ribs. Additionally, this is beer is for those not looking to scorch their taste buds with hops. Take Allagash White home with you by ordering a growler for only $22.99. With 9 awards under its belt, this is worth a try.

New Belgium Fat Tire – American Amber Ale

If you’re looking to pair a nice cold pint for the new Smoked Wings off the Summer Specials Menu, we have just the thing. Look no further than New Belgium Fat Tire. You really can’t go wrong with one of the biggest craft breweries in the U.S. It’s a supremely balanced beer that’s all malt up front and just enough juicy bitterness to balance those Sriracha Lime Marinade Wings. Furthermore, you can take Fat Tire home with you for only $18.99.

lagunitas IPA

Feeling wild? Take Lagunitas IPA home with you in a growler for only $18.99.

Lagunitas IPA – American IPA

Feeling wild? We recommend The Lagunitas IPA. This beer has a pleasant amount of bitterness. Additionally, IPAs make a much better pairing with spicy cuisine or barbecue because it doesn’t overpower the food. If you salivating over our Gator Wings for dinner, then pair your meal with a Lagunitas IPA. The wings that are rolled in the hot sauce and our special Hawg sauce will bring out the bitterness in the Gator Wings. Take Lagunitas IPA home with you in a growler for only $18.99.

Sam Adams Summer Ale – American Wheat Beer

Yuengling Lager

There’s no better way to enjoy an American burger with an American lager.

When it’s summer time, Sam Adams Summer Ale isn’t too far behind. This American Wheat Beer is a crisp and tangy flavor with a refreshing lemon peel. It balances bright citrus, Noble hops, and spice for a lively brew that’s perfect on any summer day. We highly suggest pairing this Summer Ale with a seafood dish like our Grilled Salmon dish for only $17.99. It’s a perfect light beer to pair with a light meal. We only carry the Summer Ale during the summer, so hurry in to try this deliciously crisp beer.

Yuengling Lager – American Lager

You can’t go wrong with this Iconic American Lager. It’s famous for its rich amber color and medium-bodied flavor with roasted caramel malt that has a well-balanced taste with a very distinct flavor. The best way to enjoy this lager is with our traditional Adam’s Classic Burger with fries. There’s no better way to enjoy an American burger with an American lager.

A good general guideline is that light beer pairs with light food and heavy beer pairs with heavy food, while spicy food will pair nicely with a bitter beer like an IPA. I bet reading this made you thirsty. Come on in for a nice cold pint of craft beer. Now, this is just a list to help you get started. Do you have your own favorite combo? Let us know the next time you’re in Edgewater. We love talking beer and barbecue!