American Food Classics: Feeding Our Appetite for Comfort Food

We all have that feel-good food we crave when we need to be comforted. There are a variety of American food classics just about anyone would consider top on their list of comfort food favorites. While restaurant trends come and go, this is a staple we can all count on. And, thank goodness for that! But, why do we love comfort food? And, what are our favorites? Well, it seems like there is a bit of scientific evidence surrounding the topic.

American Food ClassicsThe Emotional Connection

Comfort food is defined as the food one eats to elicit comforting feelings. Pretty simple. But, why do we feel comforted? A study conducted at SUNY University at Buffalo found that comfort foods actually have a social function. Some people eat comfort foods when we are feeling lonely or nostalgic. Therefore it gives us a feeling of being loved and connected. The study also found that we feel better still when the foods that were eaten as a kid, prepared by a loved one, like your mom or grandma.

The Physical Connection

The emotional sense of anxiety or stress can translate into physical cravings for fat and carbohydrates, which are found in many comfort foods. The carbs serve to boost serotonin levels temporarily, leaving us feeling happy. Fats found in food tend to offer a sensory experience that is soothing as well. While we won’t bore you with all the scientific data, we will say that when we eat comfort food, our bodies respond with pleasurable feelings.

Favorite American Food Classics

When it comes to feeding our appetite for comfort food, here at Adam’s we have a variety of options from starters to the main course, including dessert.

Here are some of our menu favorites:

  • A slow cooked bowl of chicken soup or a creamy cup of chowder.
  • Hot, crispy, and tender fried chicken.
  • A 5-napkin serving of lip smacking, finger licking BBQ ribs.
  • Hearty meatloaf with the generous helping of mashed potatoes and gravy.
  • Roast turkey dinner, with all the fixings served all year long.
  • A heap of vanilla ice cream topped with crisp bacon drizzled with caramel sauce.

We take the time and care in preparing our food, just like your grandma did when you were a kid. Feeling nostalgic? Needing a little comfort? Or are you simply craving some delicious foods paired with delicious drinks? Come on into Adams Taphouse and order up a hearty helping!